Plant Solutions


Brown or scorched leaf tips-

  • Poor root health from overwatering
  • Excessive soil dryness especially between watering
  • Low humidity
  • Pesitcides

Leaf Spots, Blotches, Blemishes, Blisters, or scabby spots

  • Intense light (sunburn)  associated with recent move of the plant
  • excessive soil dryness
  • chilling injury (below 50 degrees)
  • chemical spray
  • Overwatering
  • Fungal or bacteria infections (Not very common)

Foliage yellow-green; older leaves

  • Insufficient fertilizer,  especially nitrogen
  • poor root health due to pot bound growth
  • insufficient light

Leaf Drop

  • Poor root health from overwatering
  • excessive soil dryness
  • excessive fertilizer
  • Sudden change in light, temperature or relative humidity
  • Root rot disease

Wilting or drooping of foliage

  • Poor root health from overwatering
  • Excessive dryness
  • excessive fertilizer
  • toxic chemical poured into soil

Yellowed leaves with tiny speckling; leaves later bronze and drying, webbing noted near growing points.

  • Spider Mite Infestation