Citrus & Ferns


Dwarf Citrus trees can be maintained indoors,  Bright light,  keep soil somewhat
moist let soil dry between watering. Care tips is for winter season indoors,
when in growing season increase watering on all plants except for succulents.


All Citrus trees are acid lovers,  to produce flowers feed them an acidic
fertilizer and blooming plant food during the growing season.  In the winter
indoors,  feed only once a month.  Fruit will not ripen without a heating lamp.
They can however flower and produce fruit indoors, just won't really have
ripen fruit until placed outdoors during the summer.



Humidity is a must on ferns- provide humidity trays


Asparagus Fern- Not really a true fern,  let soil dry slightly between watering,
and provide humidity tray.

Foxtail Fern- Springri also not a true fern,  bright light
soil evenly moist and humidity.


Boston Fern- Evenly moist soil, Bright light and humidity


Maiden Hair Fern-Bright indirect light,  soil evenly moist
and humidity.


Birds Nest Fern-Bright light,  keep soil evenly moist and humidity


Button Fern-Bright indirect light, soil evenly moist and humidity