Cactus and Succulents


Care tip - placing cactuses and succulents outdoors during the summer time:
They thrive in morning sun and afternoon shade.  If you place them in direct afternoon
sun they will burn and not thrive,  most potted cactuses and succulents are considered
Jungle Cactuses and not Desert Cactuses.   If temperatures are hot water them about
twice a week,  it's a myth that cactuses and succulents don't need much water.  The type
of soil is important for good drainage to keep them from rotting,  mix sand and small pebbles
into the soil. 
During the winter months assuming the cactuses and succulents are indoors,  water them
less often if the air is dry and cool maybe once every 2 to 3 weeks and don't water them too
much at one time.  Grow lights are recommended for cactuses and succulents.
Cactuses and succulents roots very easily,  you can leave a piece of their stem or
foliage in a small pot of well drained soil, keep it out of the sun for about a week and
they should root after a week or so.  Most cactuses and succulents blooms during july,
if your cactuses don't,  usually is caused by too much sun or not enough morning sun.


Living Stones-Succulent

Pencil Cactus




Baby Sun Rose


Sedum Confusum


Jades-Crassula Some varieties of Jades blooms,  shorter day light usually triggers
blooming.  Jades also likes humidity.



Desert Rose-is considered a succulent but they are slightly sensitive
to lack of water,  water them a little more than the average succulent.
Do not over water them or let them dry out too much.  The sap on desert
roses is poisonous be sure to wash hands before touch anything else.
During the winter season indoors keep their soil more on the drier side.
Feed them in the growing season with fish emulsions.








Gold Fish Plant-Nematanthus


Crown of Thorns-Euphorbia


Moonstones-related to sedums


Pearl Cactus-Strings of Pearls-they do bloom little purple fuzzy flowers


Strings of Hearts


Mother-in-Law's Tongue


Haworthia Cymbiformis


Donkey's Tail or Burro's Tail Succulent


Ponytail palms are actually a succulent not a palm.

Fockea Crispa-Milkweed

They are so many different types of Cactuses and Succulents I cannot
put all of them on this page. 


Rhipsalis-Old Man's Beard Cactus smooth like hair texture,  likes bright light and
to be misted with water.

Fairy Castle Cactus

Broken Bones- Rhipsalis

Bunnies Ears Cactus

White Bunnies Ears Cactus

Kalanchoe- Desert Cabbage,  this variety with the red edge
is called Flapjack. 

Kalanchoe Desert Cabbage,  Silver plate is the solid green color.

Echeveria- Metallica

Senecio Mandraliscae- Blue Fingers Succulent

Rattail Cactus

Barrel Cactus


Ferocactus Macrodcus

Trailing Jade

Clam plant- Crassula

Crazy Ears Cactus

Cinnamon Cactus

Kitten Ears

Senecio Crassissimus Succulent- Has purple edging on Foliage

Senecio Medley Woodii