There are about 2,500 species of gesneriads, most common member is the African Violets, Gloxinas, Streptocarpus (Cape Primrose), Lipstick plant.  The gesneriads are tropicals and sub tropicals.

I do not suggest any gesneriads to be placed outdoors during the summer unless you have a
shaded area that also can keep the rain or water from touching their foliage.
Cape Primrose and Streptocarpus can do well outdoors in a shaded area and they
don't mind if their foliage has water on them.

African Violets comes in many different colors and leaves can come in different colors too.
They like to be in tight pots,  lots of light otherwise they won't bloom,  humidity trays,
don't touch any violet's leaves with water.  Use distill water for them they are sensitive to
the salts in well water,  if you have tap water let it sit for 24 hours before using.
Feed them with African Violet food once a month.  For the pots use either plastic or ceramic
not clay,  clay tends to collect salts which can kill a violet.  Let soil dry between watering.

Flame Violets Episca is a close relative of the African Violets, they have different color and sizes of leaves,  flowers can be slightly different too.

Cape Primrose comes in many different colors,  foliage and flower is larger
then their cousin Streptocarpus.

Streptocarpella-is about the same plant as above just the leaves are smaller
and the blooms are smaller too.  The foliage has a velvet soft texture.


Blooaroo Violet


Tasmanian Violets- appears to look more like mini-violas, leaves are non-fuzzy.
they are vigorous growers.  Keep soil evenly moist but don't overwater.
Bright light and humidity is not important.

Lipstick Plant

Goldfish Plant-Nematanthus