Annuals/Bulbs that can Grow Indoors

Zone 5b

There are some annuals and a few perennials that can grow indoors,  keep their soil
more on the drier side.

Geraniums- Bright light,  keep barely moist


Gerberas can easily grown indoors, bright light and evenly moist soil


Coleus- Bright light,  keep soil more on the dry side.


Double blooming Begonias-keep soil evenly moist but not over watered


Moneywort-Lysemacia  keep soil moist.


Bulbs do well indoors-Hyacinths, Tulips, Daffodils, Crocus
Best way to force bulbs is to refrigerate them for a week or
two before placing in water or soil.  Placing them in direct water
will produce the flowers faster than placing them into soil.


Polka Dot Plants-keep soil a little more on the drier side


Fittonias-let soil dry between watering, and provide humidity


Clivias-(Kariff Lilies)  are Bulbs,  they bloom once a year,  blooms lasts a long time.
Keep them more on the drier side after they bloom.  Keep indoors during


Another Bulb- Cape Hyacinths- Forest Lilies,  blooms once a year, blooms lasts a long time.


Baby Tears-Angel's Tears- Annual


Sun Star-Bulbs




Bush Violets-is in the herb family, makes a great house plant, bright light
keep soil a little on the drier side. 

Pin Cushions -is a ground cover,  but can be grown indoors,  bright light, keep soil on
the drier side and mist them daily.  To produce the tiny berries they need cooler temperatures,
about 60 degrees.