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  My hobby for many years is growing plants indoors during the winter  season and a plant collector of Tropicals, Succulents, Dwarf Trees,  and Vines.  I also enjoy outdoor gardening during the summer season.  I created this site to share the knowledge and to gain more knowledge from others too.  I have an album of my entire collection on the menu bar.  If you have any comments or questions I do welcome it.   In a short while I will be changing the name of this website,  I had used it for my former hobby of art work. 

Under Indoor Greenhouse menu I explain how to convert an area in your house into an indoor greenhouse,  everything you will need to start your own hobby of growing indoor plants.  All the plants listed in the menus can be grown indoors.


      Site Map     

  • Indoor Greenhouse- Information on how to have an indoor greenhouse without building one.
  • Gesneriads- Popular member of Gesneriads is the African Violets and it's relatives
  • Succulents-Cactuses- Care tips and photos of succulents and cactuses
  • Blooming Plants- Indoor blooming plants and care tips
  • Aroids- Tropicals that are members of the Aroids
  • Tropicals- Care Tips and photos of tropicals
  • Annuals- Annuals, Perennials and bulbs that can grow indoors
  • Citrus & Ferns- Care Tips on growing citrus indoors, and ferns
  • Bonsais-Dwarf Trees-Care tips and photos of bonsais,  and Dwarf Trees
  • Plant Solutions- Trouble shooting on problems of plants
  • Links-  Links to internet plant shops and  supplies
  • Proper Watering- Watering plants the proper way.
  • Potting Soil- Using the right soil mix and containers
  • Citrus- Care tips on growing Citrus trees indoors
  • Comments or Questions- Have a comment or a question is welcomed
  • My Collection of Plants- Photo album of my entire collection of plants
  • Herbs- Care tips on herbs and photos
  • Asclepiadaceae- Plant family of the milkweeds, such as Hoyas, Mandevillas and other plants.


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Photographing your plants and flowers can also be fun,  I use a Canon power shot A630 that has a macro setting built in or just do closes up.